The Steiner Academy Hereford is an all-through school with provision for children from rising 4 to 16. There is an admission limit of 26 places per Class, which indicates the maximum number of children would normally be admitted to that Year Group.

The Academy Trust is responsible for all admissions to the school. Any parent considering applying for a place is advised to ensure that they are familiar with our published admission arrangements, as well as the School Admissions Code and School Admission Appeals Code and the Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme published by the Local Authority. Parents also should ensure that the education that is on offer at the Steiner Academy Hereford meets their expectations before applying for a place. Details of opportunities to visit the school are published on the school’s website. We urge you to attend one of our open events before requesting an application form, which is available from the school’s admissions secretary

Admissions Arrangements

 The 2015 Admission Arrangements can  be downloaded here

Admissions at Rising 4 (Pre-statutory provision)

The Steiner Academy includes 20 places in our pre-statutory provision for rising 4 year olds. Prospective parents/carers should register their interest in a pre-statutory place for their young child with the school’s Admissions Secretary. They then will receive an invitation to attend an information morning in early February to find out more about what is on offer in a Steiner Kindergarten. The relevant application form will be available at this event. The closing date for pre-statutory places is the last day of February. Pre-statutory places are allocated broadly in line with the school’s over-subscription criteria (see oversubscription criteria below). Parents are notified in writing no later than the end of the spring term.

Note: Children who have been allocated a pre-statutory place cannot be guaranteed a place in the Academy when they reach Reception/Rising 5. They must go through the formal Rising 5 application process in order to secure a statutory place in the Academy.

Admissions at Reception/Rising 5

The main point of admissions to the Steiner Academy is at Reception/Rising 5. Once a child has been allocated a place at Reception/Rising 5 that child is guaranteed a place throughout the school. Admissions at Reception/Rising 5 are coordinated by the L.A. and all applications must be made on Herefordshire Local Authority (LA) common application form. This form is automatically sent to all families with a child approaching the statutory school age in the following school year. The completed form must be returned to the LA by the middle of January in the following calendar year. The LA then forwards the completed applications that put the Steiner Academy Hereford as the preferred choice to the school for our Admission Authority to rank them in accordance with our over-subscription criteria. At the end of April the L.A. informs the parents as to whether the application has been successful or not.

If your child is allocated a place at Reception/Rising 5, the school sends a letter of confirmation and after the school has received written acceptance of the place, one of the kindergarten teachers will make contact to arrange to meet with you and your child.

If your child’s application for a place is unsuccessful you will have the right to appeal or request the school place your child’s name on the waiting list.

In-Year Transfers

All admission applications for children already of statutory school age are referred to as ‘In Year Transfers’. An In Year Transfer application form is available from the school’s Admissions Secretary. The school currently attended by the child must complete section 5 of the application form. An offer of a place will be made if there is space in the relevant Class. If your child is not offered a place you can appeal. You also have the right to add your child’s name to the waiting list where it will remain till the end of June of the current school year.

Waiting Lists

The school holds a waiting list for each class that is full. This waiting list is maintained for the current school year. Your child’s name is transferred onto the new waiting list for the next school year only if a request has been made to the school’s Admissions Secretary before the end of June. A child’s position on the waiting list is determined solely in accordance with the over-subscription criteria

Over-subscription criteria

After the admission of pupils with statements* of Special Educational Needs where the SAH is named on the statement, the over-subscription criteria, as listed below, will be applied in the following order:

1. Children in public care;

2. Children whose siblings currently attend the school and who will continue to do so on the date of admission. Siblings include not only natural brothers and sisters but also step-brothers/sisters, or brothers/sisters who have been legally adopted, so long as they are living at the same address as the family unit. However, cousins or other relatives at the same address will not be given priority;

3. Children who are already on the school’s register, i.e. those attending the school’s pre-statutory provision;

4. Children on the basis of closest proximity to the school, proximity for this purpose being the distance which is the shortest walking route from the child’s home to the school which SAH considers practical and safe;


Note * Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs which names the Steiner Academy Hereford will be offered a place above all other applicants, except in cases where the Academy cannot meet the specific special educational needs and which would either be incompatible with the provision of efficient education for other children, including the children with whom he or she would be educated, or an efficient use of resources.

If your child has a statement any application for a place at SAH must be made via the L.A in the County in which the child lives, who in turn must consult with Hereford L.A. and the Steiner Academy.


Applicants who are refused a place for their child(ren) at the Steiner Academy Hereford will have the right to appeal by setting their case before an independent appeal panel. Full details of this process will be set out in the letter notifying applicants of the Admission Committee’s decision. Appeal Form available from the Admissions Secretary

Note: Prospective parents/carers can find out more about the uniqueness of the Steiner Academy’s offer at one of the school’s Open Days.

Please refer to the Admissions Arrangements 2013-14 if you are considering an in-year transfer during the current school year.

Refer to the Admissions Arrangements 2014-15 if you are considering admission for the next school year (2014-2015).




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