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Between 14 and 16+ years of age, a pupils work towards a range of accredited courses. These are delivered in a manner which embraces the rich Steiner pedagogical practices such as ‘main lesson’ periods, phenomenological/experiential approaches and supporting learning through creative and active means. Throughout this time the children continue to have access to Games, Music, Landwork, Art, Craft and Handwork – as well as being able to opt for to explore Computing and Programming.


Upper School (ages 15-16)

From September 2016 our Key Stage 4 qualifications offer includes English LanguageEnglish LiteratureMaths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, SpanishDrama, Music, Craft and Art. Our Qualifications Policy encourages most students to work towards 8 qualifications to include (English, Maths and Science). However, we have clear pathways to ensure we work in partnership with students, parents and outside agencies, where appropriate, and ensure students sit the qualifications best matched to their abilities, well-being and the requirements of their post-16 choices. We also commit to pursuing these qualifications for the learning which they hold. All Upper School staff work hard to ensure students’ well-being and love of learning are not sacrificed in the pursuit of grades and that we celebrate our young people for their unique progress and development.


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