Academic Achievement

Between 14 and 16+ years of age, a range of exams and accredited courses are undertaken in the upper school classes. Lessons for these run alongside a rich and diverse Steiner curriculum (known as Main Lesson) which is delivered every morning alongside singing and physical activity.

In 2014-15, the exams and courses offered include GCSEs in Mathematics, English and English Literature, Science, Spanish and Art. Students also participate in weekly Games lessons and weekly Citizenship lessons, where much of our PSHE is delivered.

In 2015-16, keeping in line with the national picture around Progress 8 our qualification offer will include Mathematics, English and English Literature, Science, History and Spanish, alongside Art,  Additional Science, Performing Arts BTec and Craft VCert. Students not looking to complete a full Achievement 8 range are supported to complete a freestanding qualification known as a Project (at either Foundation or Higher level). These Projects provide students with an opportunity to carry out a study in depth, based on personal interest or an aspect of a subject they are studying, presented in a media that suits their individual strengths and learning style. 


GCSE Performance 2013-14

GCSE Performance 2012-13

Key Stage 2 and 3 Results 2011-12

GCSE Performance 2011-12

GCSE Performance 2010-11

KS2 Results 2010-11

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