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Terms of reference

  • To recognise and adhere to the statutory function of the AdmissionS Authority when considering any admissions matter
  • To decide on the admission of individual children in line with statutory provisions and the school’s admission policy where such a decision cannot be delegated to the school’s Admission Secretary
  • To consider any Local Authority proposal to name the school for the placement of a particular child and to coordinate a suitable response to these enquiries within the statutory timeframe
  • To review admissions arrangements and to make recommendations for changes to the governing body
  • To ensure the pupil admission limit for each class is supported by a Statutory Calculation for the size of the classroom
  • To ensure that admission limits do not exceed Fire Officer recommendations.
  • To review appeal statements, contribute to the academy response and ensure that the statutory appeals process is adhered to
  • To review annually areas where professional outside advice is needed
  • To keep under review the effectiveness of SAH’s appeal arrangements
  • To keep an oversight of pupil retention and the arrangements for exit interviews


Policy under the remit of this committee: Admissions Arrangements

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