Pupil Premium funding at Steiner Academy Hereford

From April 2011 the government allocated a specific grant to every school for each pupil who was entitled to a free school meal (FSM) or was a ‘Looked after Child’ (LAC) as at January 2011.

The purpose:

  1. To narrow the disadvantage gap by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those students entitled to Pupil Premium.
  2. To raise the self-esteem and aspirations of students entitled to Pupil Premium through curricular, pastoral and extra-curricular support.

How it is used:

Through targeted additional support strategies resulting in every student, however financially disadvantaged, being able to:

  • Improve their levels of attainment and progress
  • Close attainment gaps
  • Have full access to our curriculum
  • Have full access to pastoral support
  • Access extra-curricular provision

Evaluation of 2011-12 Pupil Premium

The pupil premium budget for 2011-12 at Steiner Academy Hereford was £24,500. This figure is in addition to the main school budget. The areas of support the pupil premium provided for this year included the following:

Curriculum support

  • Individual eurythmy therapy supports self-esteem, proprioception, rhythm and and gross and fine motor skills. This was offered throughout the school by two experienced therapists.
  • Teaching Assistants were used for daily, one-to-one literacy support (using the ‘Toe by Toe’ strategy) in classes 2-7 to uplift those pupils whose standard scores indicate a need.
  • Additionally, use of older pupils (class 9) as ‘reading partners’ with classroom assistants directed to support this work.
  • The introduction of selected learning programmes, such as Numicon and the Oxford Reading Tree series, and resource material such as Cuisenaire Rods, has broadened the range of learning strategies available to all pupils in general, and Pupil Premium learner in particular.
  • Investment in a working partnership with Canterbury Christchurch University to pilot Steiner teachers achieving QTS led to a range of staff workshops and Inset activities disseminating teaching strategies that raised the profile of formative assessment and independent learning, and to examine where it was already extant in Steiner practice. This work was felt most strongly in our classroom practice.

Pastoral support

  • The unique Class Teacher model of the Steiner approach, where each class is carried by a single Class Teacher through the Lower School years (ages 6-12) offers the possibility for highly effective care of disadvantaged pupils through consistent and sustained mentoring that will involve working both with the child and his or her parents/guardians.
  • An additional teacher was given a Pastoral Support overview, so that specific children could be offered extended support, including external counselling (delivered on site), as required.
  • The creation of an additional, supervised ‘Quiet Working Space’, where children needing space and time to bring themselves back to a more positive frame of mind, could work uninterrupted.
  • The extension of the ‘Quiet Space’ to include an additional covered area in the playground where children can play board games, draw, read.
  • The creation of the Parent Support Group, offering advice and strategies to parents and carers on issues such as school refusing and poor attendance. This meets in school on a monthly basis.

Plans for the Pupil Premium 2012-13

From April 2012 the pupil premium is now based on ‘Ever 6’ FSM. This relates to pupils who have ever been entitled to FSM over the last 6 years. The amount distributed per pupil for 2012-13 is £619. During this academic year Steiner Academy Hereford is to receive £43,000, covering 52 pupils.

With the increase in pupil premium more resources have been put into support areas as well as continuing with the targeted support for 2011-12 (as described above).

Curriculum support:

  • The reconfiguration of the afternoon timetable currently being piloted in the Middle and Upper School – offering small group ‘option’ subjects from specialist teachers – has led to a broadening of opportunities for pupils to tailor elements of their curriculum provision to particular interests and capabilities.
  • Extra staff time allocated to after-school homework clubs.
  • Additional staff time allocated to after-school clubs teaching Spanish, German and Art as additional GCSE options.
  • Additional staff time allocated to singing groups for classes 9 and 10.
  • In classes 7-10, a re-deployment of staff time in mathematics to ensure smaller class sizes of pupils of similar abilities.
  • A combined Class 9-10 group was able to attend the Shakespeare Schools Festival.
  • A music technology course has been set up for some pupils of Class 10.

Pastoral support:

  • Expansion and relocation of the outdoor ‘Quiet Space’ to the Landwork outdoor classroom, where a greater range of activities (including small animal care) are possible.

Extra-curricular support:

  • Entering and supporting a team from the Upper School for the National Bar Mock Trial competition.
  • Entering and supporting the Magistrates Court Mock Trial competition with Class 8.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is now available and supported for pupils in the Upper School.

October 2012

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