Friends Of The Steiner Academy

The Friends of Steiner Academy Hereford is the organisation which represents parents at school. All parents and staff are automatically members of this charitable community organisation and past parents, students and others connected to the school are invited to join. Our aim is to support and aid the development of our own school community as well as other Steiner-inspired projects around the world through social, educational and fundraising events.

Friends is the umbrella body within the school that supports parents on their incredible journey through Steiner Education.  Steiner Education is unique and parents who enter their children into it are committing themselves to an educational system that is unlike any other. Sometimes this is an incredibly brave thing to do and Friends is the network within the school that can support parents along that journey. As a parent body we expect parents to get actively involved in the life of the school. It is an important aspect of our school and is a key part of what makes it so vibrant and dynamic. If this had not been done in the past by the efforts of our founding parents we would not have the privilege of being able to send our children to the school we have today. Through this process we understand the education our children are experiencing, contribute to their experience and make lifelong friends along the way. In order to offer Steiner Education to children quite a lot is expected of the parent body. If we share this among ourselves co-operatively it is manageable and really good fun, but if too many stand back it can become overwhelming. So please get involved, in whatever capacity you are able to. We promise you it will be rewarding.

Fundraising is another important function of Friends, primarily to support our children’s education. We also hope to acknowledge the enormous opportunity we have been given through state funding of this education and where possible we will offer support to other Steiner initiatives around the world.



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