Supporting At Home

When parents and teachers work well together it provides a solid base for the child to flourish.

The ‘learning triangle’

Each class has its own Parent Class Contact(s) that actively supports the teacher and the life of the class and liaises between the teacher and parents on organisational matters.

There are Parents’ Evenings, study groups, discussion forums, a community choir and many cultural and fund-raising events.

Parents are encouraged to give active support to the quality of the education by helping children enjoy imaginative and creative activities at home rather than, for example, watching television or playing computer games which have been shown by research to undermine children’s learning and development, especially for young children.

Pastoral care, behaviour and expectations

Care of pupils’ well-being and development is central to the ethos of our Academy. Kindergarten teachers, class teachers and class guardians work to meet and support the development of each pupil while encouraging and challenging them to meet their potential at all levels. Everyone is called upon to show respect for each other.

Dress Code

The Steiner Academy has a dress code rather than a uniform; this requires pupils to come to school suitably dressed to support their health and well-being, with sensible shoes and hairstyles, little or no jewellery or make-up and appropriate kit for special activities.


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