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Staffing Complement

They are currently 65 staff members, made up  of full time (FT) and part time (PT) staff


4 FT Teachers, 6 PT assistants. Afternoon Kindergarten1 PT leader and 1 PT assistant

Lower School (1-6)

6FT teachers, 6 PT assistants

Middle/Upper School

10 FT teachers/guardians 4 PT assistants

Learning Support

2 FT, 1PT

Subject Teachers

Languages – German and Spanish 3PT

Crafts/Handwork/Landwork/Woodwork  4 PT

Music  1 FT, 1 PT assistant

Games  2 PT,

Eurythmy Therapy 1 PT


Principal 1 FT

Finance 2FT. 1 PT

Admin/Reception 2FT,4PT

Other Support Staff 6 PT


We also currently have 2 trainee teachers

Some of those listed are composite posts






The Steiner Academy Hereford, Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, HR2 8DL | Tel: 01981 540 221 | Email:

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