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Staffing Structure

The Acting Principal

The principal is responsible for leadership and management, and for ensuring that the school meets its educational and other objectives.The Acting Principal is supported by the Academy Leadership Team (the Acting Principal, two Acting Assistant Principals and the Finance Director), the Management Circle (comprising the Academy’s responsibility post holders) and the College of Teachers.

The Academy Leadership Team

The function of the Academy Leadership Team (ALT)  is to provide overall team leadership of the Academy’s teaching and learning, financial, administrative and general business. It advises and is accountable to the Board on the state of the school and on matters relating to the implementation of agreed strategic development. This ALT brings matters to the Management Circle meeting in a form that facilitates information sharing and consultation for decision making within this forum, and otherwise ensures the smooth running of the Academy on a day to day basis. The ALT meets once a month with the Teaching & Learning Committee of the Board.

The Management Circle (MC)

This is made up of representatives of the school’s different departments (Early Years, Lower School, Middle/Upper School, College Chair, Special Educational Needs, Pastoral) plus the ALT and other administration roles as required (Administrator, Finance Director, Premises). It meets once a fortnight and is the main forum through which whole school matters are discussed with staff holding management responsibilities. This meeting is chaired by the Acting Principal.

The College of Teachers

The College of Teachers has a special role in caring for the educational life of the Academy and is responsible for nourishing the pedagogical aspects of school life in keeping with Steiner best practice. All teachers and staff are eligible for participation in College meetings and most members of the MC regularly participate in these meetings. The Chair of College is appointed annually by College members and holds a place on the Board as well as in the T&L Committee and the MC. The College meeting takes place every Thursday.

Departmental Organisation.

The school is organised into three main areas: one of the Acting Assistant Principals has leadership oversight for the Early Years department and for the Lower School (Classes 1-6); the other Acting Assistant Principal has oversight for the Middle/Upper School (Classes 7-10). Departmental meetings take place on Tuesday after school. Additional pedagogical meetings take place each Thursday before the College meeting. The Learning Support department holds its meetings on Thursday mornings, and the SENCos sit on the Management Circle.

The Administrative Support Team

The  admin team is comprised of  the Finance Director, Administrator, Finance Officer, Finance Assistant, Secretary, Admin Assistant, Site Administrator, Receptionists, ICT Network Administrator, Handyman, Mini-bus driver and Caretaker. They are responsible for the practical day-to-day running of the school.

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