Middle School

Years 7 and 8 generally follow a very similar approach to years 1-6 with the addition of new main lesson subjects. This year  however we have been piloting a new system due to extra funding being available.

As these years can be quite uniquely demanding, we have introduced an extra guardian/class teacher to both of these classes. This we trust will support both the children and staff to a much greater degree. All of the  teachers will be  able to teach to their strengths and the children will become familiar with the approach they will meet in the Upper School.
The Upper School teachers also become increasingly involved during these years, taking specific lessons to support the Middle School teachers.

The children continue with the crafts and languages although Blacksmithing is introduced in class 7 and Information Technology is introduced in Class 8.

Class 7 – A Year of Discovery.
Main lessons include: History, (the period from medieval times to the Renaissance, a total of 3 blocks), Geography (Africa and Central and South America), Maths (algebra), English, Physics, Geometry, Chemistry, Astronomy and Health and Nutrition

Class 8 – The Year of Revolution.
Main lessons include: History (the period from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, a  total of 3 blocks), Geography (Asia and the Pacific Rim countries), English, Maths (formulae and algebra), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geometry and a Shakespeare play.


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