Upper School

In classes 9 and 10 students begin to develop a sense for independent judgement and critical thinking. To deploy these blossoming powers of reasoning and reflection, the students need the expertise of teachers who are specialists in their subjects and who are also able to try and address the students’ age-specific emotional and developmental needs. New subjects are introduced and skills are deepened.

The Upper School Main Lesson curriculum includes an in-depth study of the evolution of consciousness as expressed in the arts, history, and literature ranging from Greek and Shakespearean drama to Old English texts and poetry.

Science teaching continues to develop the discipline of working from the pupils’ own observations and experience of experiments, which are then formulated into provable scientific theories. Physics, chemistry, life sciences, geomorphology, climatology, and ecology are all studied and questioned.

In Mathematics, conic sections, combinations and permutations and trigonometry are introduced while the study of algebra and other topics are practiced and developed in the weekly subject lessons.

Subject lessons, on top of the academic subjects mentioned above, also consist of a varied programme of movement, sport, art and crafts and music.

Pupils are also given opportunities to choose to deepen a subject of their choosing in the opportunities and portfolio sessions.

A number of after school clubs are being developed. They currently include art, languages, maths and a variety of sport and movement sessions.

Visiting Pupils from Overseas

From time to time, students from other Steiner schools abroad come for a term or a year to experience our culture and improve their English.

It is a privilege to receive these students and everyone benefits.

They generally stay in families connected to the Academy and life-long friendships often develop from these encounters.


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